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Hybrid Link Pyramid

Seo Distribute Hybrid Link Pyramid

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 Hybrid Link Pyramid!



After 3 months of testing, the Hybrid Link Pyramid is ready!


Tier 1

EDU Links + Hundreds of Diversified HIGH QUALITY Backlinks


Tier 2

Scrapebox Blast to Give the Pyramid Extra Juice!

31,000 Meta Submissions Per Link for Tier 1

What Is A Link Pyramid?

A Link Pyramid is when you build some links to your url, and then build more backlinks to the links you just made.


Tier 1 — 20 Web 2.0 Backlinks

Tier 2 — 2,000 Blog Comments

The benefits of this is that it gives your backlinks more juice which in turn makes those links to your site much more powerful and effective.


How Is This Link Pyramid Different From Others?

Our Link Pyramid is no regular one! The Backlinks we make pointing to your site are all High Quality (High PR, Low Out Bound Links) links and consist of many platforms. Too many people are only building ‘Wiki Links’ or ‘Blog Comments” to their sites and wondering why their Google Ranking isn’t increasing. Google likes diversified and quality links,  which is exactly what your getting with this package.


What Kind Of Backlinks Will I Be Getting?

You will be getting the most diversified links available. You will be getting: Article, Blog Comments, Directory, Document Sharing, Forum, Guestbook, Image Comment, Indexer, Pingback, Referrers, Social Bookmarks, Social Networks, Trackbacks and Web 2.0’s and more!. We are constantly adding new platforms.

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What Did The 3 Months Of Testing Show?

Every site that we tested this package on showed SIGNIFICANT movement in the serps. Sites that were’t ranked in the top 100 skyrocketed onto the first page of Google.



Your getting diverse, high quality links, dripped over several days. You should start seeing results from 2-6 weeks after you order.


Basic Hybrid Link Pyramid


What Your Getting…

  • 300 Diverse Links
  • 10,000 Scrapebox Blast To Tier 1
  • 50 EDU Links
  • 7 Day Completion Time

Premium Hybrid Link Pyramid


What Your Getting…

  • 800 Diverse Links
  • 100 EDU Links
  • 20,000 Scrapebox Blast To Tier 1
  • 14 Day Completion Time